16GB Mini Voice Recorder for Lectures Meetings Interviews – Aomago USB C Audio Recorder Small Flash Drive Recording Device with 72 Hours Recording Capacity Rechargeable Compatible with Windows

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Minimalist USB Recorder-This mini voice recorder is easy to operate, no more complicated and confusing buttons. Just one key to start, switch on to start recording and switch off to save recording.
16GB Memory Storage-This small sound recorder has 16GB capacity storing up to 72 hours recordings. In addition, the small audio recorder can record up to 13 hours continuously when fully charged which only takes 0.3-1 hour.
USB C Converter included- Sometimes it is very inconvenient to find a laptop or computer to access your file. So here it is, a USB C converter for you to access your recording file on your phone. Please note that your smartphone must open OTG function. And it is a breeze to playback your file on your computer and smart phone as well.
Crystal Clear Recording Quality-Though small as a thumb, this USB recorder pick up human or ambient sound very well, at 512 kbps wav format.
Smart Battery- Never worry about lose your recording when your small recording device suddenly shut down. Our little recorder is monitoring the battery in real time and automatically save your recordings when power out.
Versatile Recording- With this mini sound recorder, you can record notes, details to yourself during lectures, meetings, classes,lenthy discussions, etc and re-review information later.

Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Battery: Built-in 70mAH lithium rechargeable battery
Dimensions: approx. 1.97 x 0.63 x 0.28 inches
Recording Capacity: 8 hours recording continuously
Recording Format: WAV
Bit Rate: 512kbps
Capacity: 16GB
Samping Rate: 16KHZ
Support Computer System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10, SmartPhones OTG and computer. (Computer users can use it directly on computer, no need to install player)
Support Cellphone System: Android(OTG function required)

Package Contents:
1 x USB recorder
1 x USB C Converter

COMPACT POCKET RECORDER-This mini recorder is characterized by a 16GB thumb drive with only one switch on/off button to start/save recording storing up to 72 hours recordings. In addition,this usb recorder can be easily tucked into your pocket while an anti lost lanyard attached for you to put it away as you wish
USER FRIENDLY USB C-Not only can this small recording device connect to computer or chromebook in which you can access your recording file, skip forward or rewind with no hassle, but also be linked to your mobile phones with android system(OTG function required), which allows you to acquire your recording file wherever you like
CLEAR RECORDING & INTELLIGENT SAVING-This mini sound recorder is capable of picking up crisp clear sound at 512 kbs wav format. Moreover, with built in smart battery monitoring function, this small digital voice recorder can detect your battery performance and automatically save recordings when power off
EASY CHARGING-It only takes 0.5-1 hour to fully charge this usb recording device, which supports recording while charging. Fully charged usb sound recorder can record up to 9 hours of audio file continuously
SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS OCCASIONS-This portable mini sound recorder contributes mostly to lectures, classes, meetings, discussions where you would like to record in case that you forget minor details or important notice

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