90 Degree Mini Optical Audio Cable Digital 3.5 mm Connects Toslink Cable [24K Gold-Plated Nylon Braided Ultra-Durable ] Fiber SPDIF Audio Cable for Home Theater, Sound Bar, TV, PS4, Xbox (10ft)

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90 Degree Mini Optical Audio Cable Digital Mini Toslink Cable [24K Gold-Plated Nylon Braided Ultra-Durable] Fiber SPDIF Audio Cable for Home Theater,Sound Bar,TV,PS4,Xbox,Playstation

– 90°Mini OPTICAL to OPTICAL Cable will NOT plug into your headphone jack and convert digital signals into analog signals. The right angle mini optical (3.5mm)connector is made for specific devices such as iMacs,TVs and Notebooks that have an Mini Toslink optical (3.5mm) port. IPhones or other smartphones do not have 3.5mm optical inputs.
– Does not support Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.
– Please remove protective rubber tip covers before use.

【Perfect material】: The high-quality and environmentally-friendly PVC sheath and the unique nylon web protection ,extended the cable’s life, also fire-retardant and moisture-proof.The delicate wire-body design gives the cable certain degree of softness and elasticity,bent without affecting transmission.The signal of fiber optical audio cable is transferred by light source which eliminates electromagnetic interference [EMI] and radio frequency interference [RFI].
【Right Angle Design】: 90-degree mini toslink plug fiber optic cable solved problems that narrow space constraints and the cable was bent seriously to result in cable damage. It can be Connected quickly and easily than most 180-degree fiber optic cables in any situation. The 90 degree mini optic connector will not interrupt or attenuate the fiber signal due to bending.
【High quality digital audio cable】: Optical Audio Cable make from High Grade Light Conductive Core and Convex lens fiber processing technology, PIN touch plating gold processing,to help reduce shake and amplifier resolution interferences from the optical fibre. High grade fibre optical core for clear accurate digital audio transmission.
【Hearing enjoyment】: Uncompressed PCM audio and compressed 5.1 to 7.1 surround sound system,DTS-HD high resolution and LPCM.Digital audio cable for multi-channel surround sound.TV fiber optical audio connection amplifier,enjoy fascinating sound at home;PS4/X-Box360 connected amplifier make game’s battlefield sound more delicate and realistic.

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