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Product Description

Framed Rock Art Painting Kit

rock art painting kitrock art painting kit

The FRAMED ROCK ART series products capture life’s small moments and celebrates family and friendship. the designer (yourself) will use some nature materials such as wood frame, driftwood, moss, handmade rocks, tiger eye’ stones, shells, limonium, branchs, rope… to make your own wall art.

Different kit would include different shape of rocks and materials to make different design.

By design / forming your own rock wall art, it could fosters your key abilities including fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, imagination and more. And it’s a wonderful meditative art activity for both kids and adults.

After you made the wall art, put it on the desk or hang them up on the wall of your living room, bedroom, gallery, bathroom… it will decorate your home beautifully and make you feel of a great sense of gratification whenever you see it.

rock painting kitrock painting kit

the best quality rock art paintin kitthe best quality rock art paintin kit


Bingo Castle always focus on products quality rather than quantity, all materials are 100% slected by our QC, all paints are vibrant and non-toxic easy for coloring.

All rocks are 100% hand polished to smooth

Good quality of wood frame and cardboard

Non-toxic paints

We don’t sell cheap with low quality products


What’s in the package?

This is a DIY wall art kit that includes 1 white wood frame with stand bracket measures 12.9*9.4 inches+1 white background board+1 window cardboard, gift card, 10 handmade “pebbles”, nano tape, 12 colors acrylic paint+2 brushes+1 fineliner, palette, user manual, 2 sets of non-trace nail+hooks.

1 white wood frame with stand bracket—size 12.9*9.4 inches

1 white background board+1 window cardboard

10 handmade “pebbles”

12 colors paint+2 brushes+1 palette

1 black fineliner

1 nano tape—for sticking the “rocks” on cardboard

2 sets Non-trace nail+hooks—for hanging the wall art

1 user manual—step by step guide


open the frameopen the frame

Reorganize the cardboardReorganize the cardboard

paint the sun shaped rockpaint the sun shaped rock

Forming rocks for previewForming rocks for preview

Open the frame

Turn all the buckles out of the frame then you can open the back board.

Take out the cardboard.

Paint the card board

Use fine pen draw a skyline on cardboard, paint the sky in blue and grass land in green. Put the painted cardboard and window cardboard back to the frame after

it completely dried.

Paint the sun shaped rock

Find the sun shaped rock and paint it in yellow.

Tips: Use the broad brush to paint big arear and the fine brush to paint small details.

Stick the sun shaped rock

Use tape stick the sun on up-left corner of the cardboard, and draw beams of sunshine around the sun rock.

Stick nano tape on rocksStick nano tape on rocks

Stick the rocks on cardboardStick the rocks on cardboard

Adjust the rock positionAdjust the rock position

Tips for painting rocks !Tips for painting rocks !

Match the body with head

The human rocks are with pre-carved lines, find the correct head to match the body before painting.

Paint the head and body shaped rocks

Use the pre-carved lines as auxiliary border line to paint the human rocks and balloon rock in

whatever colors you like. Be patient and care when paint between border lines.

Draw hair, arms, legs on cardboard

Put the painted rocks on cardboard for a preview after they are completely dried, adjust their position. Draw hair, arms, legs on cardboard.

Tips: you may need take up and put the rock back several times to make sure they are in right position.

Paint cloud on cardboard

You can also draw some cloud on the cardboard.

Hammering the mails into wallHammering the mails into wall

Hanging the frameHanging the frame

Stick a tape on frame back lower edgeStick a tape on frame back lower edge

Keep the frame horizontally / verticalKeep the frame horizontally / vertical

Hammering the nails into wall

Cut the nano tape in suitable size to match the rocks and stick it on the rock’s back side.

Remove the protective film and stick it on the cardboard.

Hanging the frame

Keep the plastick part vertical and hammering the nails into the wall.

When hanging the frame, make sure the plastic part be inserted into the hole of the black hook.

Keep it horizontally

To make sure your wall art hanged horizontally, you can use the nano tape stick on the back lower edge of frame to help fixing it on the wall.

Desktop standing style.

This frame includes a stand bracket, you can just put it on your desk for display.

Product Size

12.9*9.4*0.79 inches

12.9*9.4*0.79 inches

17.7*12.9 inches

17.7*12.9 inches

12.9*9.4*0.79 inches


1 set

1 set

1 set

2 sets

2 sets

【 Complete Craft Kits 】 This craft kit includes 1 white wood frame with stand bracket measures 12.9*9.4 inches+1 white background board+1 window cardboard, gift card, 10 handmade “pebbles”, nano tape, 12 colors acrylic paint+2 brushes+1 fineliner, palette, user manual, 2 sets of non-trace nail+hooks.
【 Arts and Crafts for Kids and Adults 】This craft set is suitable for kids ages 6 years and up, and it’s also a great project for adults to play with kids together.
【 Rock Painting Kit 】The handmade “pebbles” have pre-carved lines that can help painting not exceed border line, you can paint these pebbles to as heads, body, balloon, sun… the bigger white cardboard is used for painting background while the window cardboard can increase layering of the framed rock art.
【 Inspire Your Creativity 】You can use the included materials to make different themes of your own unique rock art, it could be parents with kids, father and son, mother and son… it captures the joy of spending time with the special people in our lives, celebrates family and love.
【 Unique Gifts 】 Write some words on the included gift card and sharing your craft work with your loved ones that representation of family and togetherness, it would evokes deep, sentimental emotions of the heart and lasting forever.

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