KOUSI Small Animal Pen Indoor Fence Animal Pen Plastic Fence Large Dog Pen Plastic Play Yard Plastic Dog Pen Rabbit Pen Small Pet Playpen

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Product Description

KOUSI pet playpen can be customized in any shape, suitable for any area.

KOUSI pet playpen is not only suitable for pets, but can also be used as a partition to protect babies, plants, sofas, etc.

Reasons to choose KOUSI pet playpen:

Large size

Each panel 20″x28″.The 28″ height prevents pets from jumping out.


You can observe your pet from any angle and interact with it at any time.


According to the growth of the pet, different expansion space can be given to the pet.

Quick & Easy DIY Assembly – Our slotted, multi-angle connectors make this playpen super easy to set up, take down, or rearrange whenever you like. DIY the shape as you see fit, and enjoy a variety of options. Can shape as puppy cage, bunny cage, animal fence, animal enclosure, play yard etc.
Customizable, Expendable Design – Plan your own layout and bring your ideas to life. Assemble the playpen using 2 or more sets for even more choice in customization.
Sturdy, Convenient & Portable – Carefully selected metal material is durable, washable, and environmentally friendly. Playpen components can be stored and transported with ease.
Ideal For Small Pets & puppy – Suitable for puppies, guinea pigs, rabbits,ferret,rat,hamster, and other small pets. Not suitable for big dogs or animals that can exert a lot of force.

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